Wednesday, December 29, 2010

{Zaiah & Mommy}

These photos are sort of pulled out of the vault. :) I did these this past year when Zaiah was not quite 3 and Vincy was still pregnant with Gehren!! I asked Vincy to bring Zaiah over for some new props I had at the time - Zaiah did wonderfully as my little model. Vincy's entire family is so beautiful, and being that she is one of my dearest friends... it's hard not to use her as my model from time to time. Hello, she's um gorgeous. :) Looking at these photos again of her pregnant make me realize Vincencia means: Made to bear children. Ha! Not only does she have five kiddos - the woman never shows any wear on her body from having them! {Kinda makes me a little bit envious.} :)Zaiah is such a little diva, so animated and adorable. Thank you Vincy for your patience in me actually getting around to posting these. You are both so beautiful. I think the interactions here between a mother and her sweet daughter are just precious. {And to think of all the raspberry gummies we bribed Zaiah with! Lol}

I suppose that lastly I should mention that Zaiah decided to head outside all of her own intent so we followed her out there. I think those are some of my very favorites. At some point we lose the freedom to walk down the street in a just a tutu, beads and pink plastic heels. :) Her innocence is truly... beautiful.