Friday, December 3, 2010

{Who knew}

This photo was taken by a family member of the bride. Sometimes I still can't believe this is what I do. 
Interesting the paths life leads you down and the ones you choose to follow. 

And I sit now and remember being in the dark room in college with that smelly guy. Literally thinking, "whew, if this is what photography is about I'm soooo not cut out for this dark room stuff, not to mention the processing stuff really stinks!" And behold, digital - a world I already was friends with. Josephiney aka graphic designer.

Thankful for some of the unexpected turns in life because I really do love photographing people. 

And now because it is late and I've just finished work.. for the day. :) Oh well, don't you know it's tomorrow already - midnight. :) I can't complain about being a little overwhelmed or busy. Because when I quit my full-time job in Marketing this last May - I didn't want to have my business not be busy. However, I am really am anticipating a slower winter. I'd selfishly like to take the break to read, write, discover oddities through the lens that I don't normally take time these days to photograph. Like a snowy field just after the sun has come up. 

I have a collection of photos that stem from early summer till now that I have yet to edit, but they are all my own personal photos. I anticipate those too.

Been so busy I haven't really even had time to blog for sanity's sake. :) I have these thoughts in my head that I never seem to be able to write down and when I have time to try to write them, they're not quite the same. Only in the moment I suppose.

Which this winter I will also have more time for. :) Blogging. 
Weddings - I hope to catch up on blogging those too. 

Photography was definitely easier when it was just my hobby. Now there are taxes, daily e-mails to return, insurance, etc and in the end I'm ok w/ the extras b/c I'm proud of myself for taking this leap. Now I do have to admit: I've finally stopped thinking that this is just a vacation and that I have to return to an office job on Monday. There were transitions with working independently, but honestly? I love it. 

I wonder sometimes what I'd feel like still sitting in a little office wondering "what if" I could try to seize my dreams. "What if" I could finally make this my actual job.

You can't know what "what if" means unless you proactively pursue your own answer to it.

I am glad I did. Cuz I work with the most amazing people and feel totally rewarded by just knowing how happy they are because I documented a few moments in their life. Moments that matter to them because they are surrounded by the people they love most in the world... and above all, because they are truly, genuinely happy during those moments.