Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Free Lifestyle Session Giveaway!}

I have been holding a drawing for a free Lifestyle Session Giveaway for a few months now. Today was the day I drew the lucky winner's name! Thank you for all of you who participated. There were well over 150 people that participated in the drawing which was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing my work for a chance to win. I will be having more giveaways again in the future for sure. It's so much fun to give things away and get to do what I love in the process!

Here are the two videos posted today to my business page on Facebook. Once showing me prepping for the drawing and the other, the actual drawing itself!! Congrats to the three winners and thank you to all of you who participated. :)

The next free giveaway will be a newborn session - stay tuned! {Scroll down to bottom to turn off music player}
Tiffani Hill & Linda Partin both won a free $60 session fee for 2011. 
Shanna Van Damme won an entire session, with disc of high-res, edited images AND a mounted 11x14 - Value of over $295 to be used for 2011.

{Drawing Prep Video, yes - hand cut contestants!}

{The Winner Announced! Yay, this made me so happy and nervous at the same time!}