Monday, December 6, 2010


I have an entire series of photos of course from this year's trip to Chicago with my college friends Martha and Jamie from this past November - but I have been putting off personal photos as far as editing in order to get my actual work done. Every now and then when I have worked really hard I treat myself to editing a few photos of my own.

Sometimes it's nice just to get away and shop for a few things. Every year I buy Christmas ornaments for my family in Chicago. I also usually find something truly fabulous at XXI - or atleast make it a goal to find something. This year I found some great jewelry and was just about to buy it when I managed to get kicked out of the store along with the other 100 people in there because there was a fire upstairs. So, I got my picture taken with the Chicago firefighters, naturally. That picture to come ... later. :)

These pictures were taken at Millennium Park. Martha, Jamie and I figured that we have been friends now for over 16 years. They're pretty close to my heart, those girls. And as you can tell from the photos, we are kinda nutty.