Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Erica | Rimmel 10 Girls Competition}

This is my gorgeous friend Erica - who has been qualified to compete for one of the ten spots offered by Rimmel for their Rimmel 10 girls - the girls who bring the Rimmel London look to America. {Ok, outside of the fact that this is a HUGE, FANTASTIC deal that she was picked to compete for a spot in the top 10... and such an honor to represent Rimmel, I am honored to have photographed the shots she needed.} Contestants are to show the product, being applied and also modeled. See more about last year's Rimmel picks here:

Erica is one of the most fashionista forward friends I know! She's on top of beauty trends and knows what is hot. She is shown sporting Rimmel's new mascara: Scandaleyes. This product is not even for sale yet and here she is modeling it. :) I truly hope she is one of the top 10! She so deserves to be. Go get 'em girl!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{Josh & Britni | E-Session | Downtown Chicago}

Josh and Britni are the SWEETEST most adorable couple you will ever meet. They are ND & Saint Mary's alumni - getting married in the Basilica this summer.

I enjoyed being in Chicago with them. They are both very familiar with the city so between the 3 of us we all had some great ideas for the shoot! It was ridiculously cold. Josh endured being without his coat for the shoot and was such a gentleman to buy us all hot chocolate to keep us warm! They are just an adorably wonderful couple and I really enjoyed walking around town with them and getting to know more about them. Really excited about their wedding this summer.

Thank you guys for bearing through the crazy cold and wind. Thank you Josh for covering the taxi and talking him into waiting for us at the beach. Ha! Can't imagine us trying to hail a cab in that wind and cold. I think you guys did amazing and your session turned out GREAT - was so happy with some of the shots we got. You're a gorgeous couple - but even more than that the love you have for one another shines through the cold of a winter's day in Chicago... and I think THAT trumps the incredible scenic landscapes we had! Nothing 

more enjoyable that photographing a couple so very in love.