Sunday, December 4, 2011

{My family | Kaser's 2011}

Yearly Christmas photos. :) 
There is one time a year that I use a tripod... and it's for this.

Organizing and photographing your own family session has to be one of the most stressful things. I think by the time we got to the couch everyone had the general consensus opinion that we truly disliked family photo day... But after we are done we all laugh and say.. not till next year. It was actually enjoyable. :) We always manage to get something good - I blame it on those good looking kids and husband of mine. You surround yourself with them and you are bound to look good too. :)

Unlike trying to plan a session around good weather - as I typically do - b/c of being busy, super busy this year. {THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to an AWESOME, BUSY year!!} I didn't have a good weather day for a shoot - but between Adrian's schedule and mind, we had A DAY. So... we used it. It was CRAZY windy out. Which is why we used the alley. Also why Enna and I pulled our hair back. I really wanted to come up with a super cool place that I don't normally shoot.. I shoot in this alley all the time so to me, I get enough of it. And here I was on a windy day of all things. But... in the end when I looked at the pictures I got, hair back and alley and all..  I was really happy. Nothing makes me smile like the four of us on that vintage couch together. You could put that couch just about anywhere and as long as we are all on it, that's all that matters. It was 62 degrees that day. I remember being atleast thankful for that.  

And... Thankful that despite weathering bad weather on photo days and sometimes in life, it all manages to turn out pretty well as long as you were thankful for what you did get. 

PS.. I saved the best for last. That by far was my favorite shot. :)