Sunday, January 31, 2010


Had the opportunity to photograph this sweet girl for her high school homecoming. The school she attends was my own personal high school rival back in the day. Being back in that gymnasium brought back a lot of memories! The smell of the hot dogs cooking and popcorn, all memories from when we played them in basketball. I can't say I've ever captured a homecoming before, but it was great and it made me remember how important those high school memories are.

Monday, January 18, 2010

{The Star Barn}

While on my trip to PA this past December, I had the privilege of a 10 minute tour of the Star Barn. Look it up! One of our nation's oldest barns!

If you know me, you KNOW I love barns. What is not to love about them? I mean, they are archaic reminders that life has changed from the simple to fast paced chaos. Many of the barns that surround Northern Indiana are falling apart - these are not being rebuilt either and if they are? They are not being rebuilt the same. Hello metal barns lacking character of bygone days.

I often say I'd like to have my own coffee-table book of barn lovelies - and I really mean that. If you grow up in Indiana, barns are part of your drive atleast once a day. I grew up with these old forlorn beauties and I hate to see them go. It's like a parting I'm not fond of. "Oh, another old barn slanting sideways, wonder how long..." Barns - real barns across America are dying. For some unannounced to me reason, I feel the need to preserve them atleast through memory, through photography.