Monday, August 30, 2010


This family of 16 photographed so nicely. Tammy had such scenic places to photograph around her home! Quite pleased with this session.

{Sharpe Girls}

Three beautiful sisters. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

{Thankful for birthdays.}

{Thankful for beautiful, talented children that can hoola-hoop AND read.}

{Thankful for these two.. so very much - they will always be my greatest accomplishments.}

{Thankful for this guy and not just b/c he's my hottie w/ that hat backwards. He loves me.}

{Thankful for birthday parties that include family and memories.}

{Thankful for cousin's weddings and family and laughter.}

{Thankful for best friends that have beautiful babies for me to love on, photograph and hold}

{Thankful for personalities - and what we each contribute to this journey. Love you Ka-kays.}

Monday, August 23, 2010

{Un Bureau De Josephine}

The office of... Josephine..y. Today, my office ... in photos.

So I've had a great weekend. I used to hate Mondays when I worked for Corporate America. I literally protested each Monday by wearing black and gray. Now, well.. now I wear like - I dunno, running pants and tees. I am comfy. :) Here's a typical day ... in pix. I love my office space. I have the best window view and music, coffee is usually brewing, neighbors chatting outside and horse and buggy clip-clopping by.

If I need to go to the post office, I hop on my bike. Sometimes I ride to the pantry to buy lunchmeat and Amish cheese. The slow life. Busy, but not rushed. Hectic sometimes but on my terms.

Switching gears for just a minute... Sunday there was a fantastic message at church that talked about being in a spiritual paralysis from traumatic unexpected events in life. I swear every time I am there at that church he is speaking to JUST me. Feels as such. I have thought about my reactions to loss, one in particular - the untimely death of my younger sister, Jessica. So much of my quiet reflections stem from memories of her that pass through the day. I miss her, and know that there will always be a hole in my heart that only God can fill until I see her again. No easy way to deal with such loss. Many nights of sobbing at 1a while trying to edit late in that first year of her death. A song would spur it, her picture on my desk, her voice in my head. People don't talk about that kind of thing. We do so well to paint our facades pretty - keep it all tucked in nice and neat. We're "dealing" with it. You don't realize how fallen apart and cracked you really were until you step away from it ... years later. At the time you are just trying to cope, distract. No one can tell you how to grieve or give you advice when you are in the deepest of valleys. Directional voice is drowned out by sorrow. It is a part of life that requires a lesson to be learned. Even if it simply means holding your family tighter each day.

There's no sense in saying I'm over the sting of death. But - this too shall pass, someday. All of it. This journey commands that I push on... no matter the injuries sustained. The only one that can allow such paralysis is me. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was "stalled" for a season. We stall out through fear of being hurt again, experiencing loss again.
But a season is just that... a period of time, that passes. 
Hurt passes, love prevails. We move forward. We can only be instruments if we are willing and ready to go. No stagnant ponds, just moving waters here.

It's a new season.

{The desk of Josephine. Slightly messy, most always.} 

{Ahhh, my view. I love this space. Oh my beloved Macs & Wacom Tablet.}

{Yes, I start with coffee - usually mine. Bless my BUNN coffee maker and all it's grand use. But I do treat w/ occasional McD's. And then I work. And eat more donuts. And work... & eat. Right here I am thinking... better go for a run today.} 

{Good assumption, I rarely match, no make-up and hair up - but.. it's me.}

{Some of my very favorite pix of the people I love the very most. And, well.. my Vince Vaughn husband is oh so hot. Love those photobooth moments. I also post verses on occasion. Thank you Vincy for your beautifully infectious ways - verses have not made it to the car... yet.}

{Rocco, my lovey boxer. He stays by me... all day. Man's best friend - such truth.}

{Office details. Bought this mug above left years ago, knowing... :) Discs, DVDs usually everywhere covering my Wacom. 'Imagine' ... behind it a photograph of a fortune cookie I got in Chicago that reads..."Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness." Amen. All things I love.}

{My little sis - always told her if she wasn't my sister I'd hate her cuz she was so beautiful. Bizarre as it may be, random thoughts and words are directed at this picture. I still talk to her cathartically.... and I swear she listens.}

{I really do love this butterfly mobile I bought off - Cut out of a french dictionary - they spin and flutter with the breeze from my open window. I really don't worship butterflies. :) But.. ironic how God uses His creation to bring us comfort and remembrance - they symbolize religiously the final transformation of life. In other cultures and beliefs they symbolize departed souls transformed into the final beautiful stage. If you have not - watch the Tribute section of my website and you'll understand me & this more.} Website

{View onto the front porch. Love my porch - just this view makes me smile.}

Thanks for stopping by. :) Happy Monday.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

{Helmuth Family}

I really enjoyed getting to know this awesome family of 6. There is something to be said for big families. All of the kids were so well behaved and polite. I love it when couples are so naturally affectionate - it makes capturing them so easy and real. Thank you guys for such a great session, despite not feeling well and hot temps - I think we got some great shots! Really enjoyed getting to meet you all.