Monday, August 9, 2010


Es muy caliente!
Ok, I took Spanish years ago and honestly - the things I remember from those two semesters is that my teachers were kinda party animals. The phrases I know? Yeah, can't really repeat them unless I myself have been drinking tequila.

No tequila for this Jo. 

Zumba is a HOT class and HOT item right now! Locally, we are lucky to have such an AMAZING Zumba instructor - Kelly Thrall is known locally by many for her phenomenal talent. It's truly incredible to watch this girl when she is in her zone. She can MOVE!

If you are interested in more information find Kelly on Facebook. Or if you are not on Facebook, contact me via my contact page on my website and I will link you to her. I always love meeting people that are TRULY incredible people, in strength and mentality and then finding that they are really humble, relatable people. Thanks Kelly!