Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Storms & Ray LaMontagne}

I love storms.

And I can't believe summer is almost over. I can't believe my kids go back to school soon. I don't know where this summer went, actually.

I have been really busy - which is incredible! I thrive off staying busy, even if it's organizing and cleaning my house! I haven't had much time for that though. I sorta had this notion that I would when I quit my FT job back in May. Oh yeah, I thought I'd have already sorted through all the underwear drawers, etc in the house already. Nope. 

I can't complain about being swamped to the point that I am not OCD about cleaning. Cuz I love things.

I love planning my day to be what I want. Love listening to Ray LaMontagne's soulful voice while the rain hits my window. Love how the house gets dark, so dark I need to turn a light on to see my desk. Love how my boxer curls up near the edge of my desk and the siamese cat occasionally hops on my lap. Love the second cup of coffee with extra creamer, just b/c I can and will. Ridiculously loving the box of Krispy Kreme donuts sitting on top of my microwave. Love/Hate really. Love the cute and quirky texts I get from Adrian when he is on shift. Love him - after all 14 years of our successes, failures. Love how over dinner dates he asks me about my business plans, though all I can focus on is amazing Lebanese food.

So many things to love about a simple day. Watching the morning light change on the neighbor's americana front porch to evening outside your window. Here's what I am not loving - per say, but learning to be good at: Um, detailed expense reporting and saving every dag gone receipt to my name. Oy! But ask my tax guy how necessary it is! Thank goodness for tax guys. Mine is going to be a huge help to me!! 

Back to work! Happy Wednesday.