Friday, July 23, 2010

{Austin & Meagan's Wedding}

I remember being a high schooler in love. I was told I was young. That I needed to finish college first and then get married. All of it made sense. But I couldn't stop loving Adrian the way I did. I knew.. knew we'd marry someday.

And we did. High school sweethearts. Cheerleader | Basketball player. We married with one year left of college. 14 years later... And while the road has not always been easy - we have weathered it together, and will continue to. That's what it's about - if love is a journey - it is on both paved and gravel roads.

Austin and Meagan were high school sweethearts. So I got it when she told me that they had been together forever already! There's a sweetness about this couple that's quiet, but observed. When two people have loved one another long enough and weathered storms already, it's an unspoken undercurrent they share of mutual admiration. It's just there. 

It's always such a huge honor to not only have the opportunity to photograph a wedding - but to be the one that follows the bride to her groom as she taps him on the shoulder for that first look before they begin their pictures. This little moment that they've waited for - for what seems their whole lives... as the photographer you are witness to. It's beautiful. Sacred. Private. And here I am almost in tears while I'm trying to photograph it - softy that I am. :)

Congrats Meagan and Austin! Thank you for being willing to go where I suggested to get pictures. You are a gorgeous couple and I really enjoyed your wedding day and being a part of it. Many blessing to you both.