Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{Josephiney - What's in a name}

You may ask... why the name Josephiney?

My husband gave me the nickname Josephine. First. Then on days when he was really being extra kinetic - he'd call me Josephiney. It was endearing I suppose - or so I thought back then. I am after all sort of an old soul. I like old things. And admiringly, I boast pictures in our dining room of his ancestors. Why do people put those old photos in drawers? They are amazing!! Get them out, hang them on the wall. Without them somewhere along the lines? No you. You owe them respect.

You want to see an example? You don't believe me? :) Here's our dining room wall.

Detouring... so as I was saying...

Josephine is a French name. Derived from the Hebrew language it means "God will increase." Pronounced JOE zeh feen or JOE zeh feeny. :) 

To me, the name Josephine is nostalgic, a little eclectic, a little forlorn, a little vintage, a little artsy and intriguingly beautiful. Josephiney with the addition of 'y' makes it a little spicier, mysterious yet with a little fun, a little child-like. I want to believe that all of these above descriptions sort of encapsulate me. I think they do - even if only in small ways. When thinking of naming a business - so much of what I have learned about marketing is branding yourself by what defines you.

Josephiney is me, to a tee.

I inherited this pet name. And with that, I started calling him Abraham - it sounds kinda old, right? (Sorry all you Abrahams out there, I do associate all of you with our long-gone president though.) And thus, the Amish love names began of Abraham & Josephine. I know if he calls me by Josephine he's usually singing it in his sing-song voice and serenading me. And accordingly, I respond in a similar song with "oh Abraham." Yes, we are weird, but if life is predictable only - count me out.