Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I met Jordan, her mom and friend Ashleigh at New Buffalo for a Senior Picture Session. I don't ever mind if a friend or someone else wants to be in a few pictures. I actually encourage it. It's a momentous time of your life - you're graduating and so many things have contributed to that accomplishment! - including but not limited to friends, significant others, parents, PETS!

I really enjoyed getting to know Jordan a bit and as I photographed her - I remembered how exuberant and youthful teens are. The energy levels are influential and just admirable. Jordan and her friend had me laughing so many times - sometimes it's hard to believe that what I do is a JOB! Sometimes it's just having fun and hanging out with cool people!

So congrats to Jordan as she enters her Senior Year of high school. I hope it is full of many wonderful memories. :)