Sunday, April 25, 2010

{Birth Announcements & Baby Panels}

If you are interested in Newborn Baby panels or Custom Birth Announcements - I have some information for YOU!

About Baby Panels -
Baby panels capture the essence of your tiny newborn - the details of their tiny baby parts.  These are shots that we take when I schedule your newborn session. Details of hands, ears and feet, including the fuzzies inbetween the toes! Whatever you want to compile your 9-panel 16x16 frame is what we take. These prints are typically finished in black and white and are posted on your gallery with your entire session. You pick the 9 you want and I send it off to be printed and assembled. The frame then comes to you completely ready with the pictures you picked, and even in the specific order you wanted - if you so desire!

Gets you the entire frame with prints after booking a newborn session with me!

About Custom Baby Announcements - 
Baby Announcements are designed by me, one of a kind - no purchased templates! I design the announcement with the photos of your choice and the colors and text you want. I then have you approve the finished design and if all is good - it goes off to print. Announcements come in packs of 25 with matching envelopes in white or parchment. Prices start as low as $55 and go up according to complexity of size, layout, stock and design.

25 5x5 or 5x7 double-sided flat baby announcements with envelopes!

*Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes.

{It's Quitting Time}

Well, as you can see my posts are pretty sporadic right now. It's funny, I used to be a blogger. Quite proficient at it. I loved to write... back when I had time.

I came to some final decisions a few months ago, actually a year ago - but it wasn't certain that I needed to make these changes until about - oh, 5 months or so ago. I've worked full-time in Marketing for several years now. Love the job. Love the work I do. Have a fantastic boss.

But, between that and this... I just have no time.

So, I'm quitting my day job. 

Photography has been my first love for soooo long. But I've been on a part-time learning curve for 4 years. It's time to take it into another gear and be on that learning curve, full-time.

Photography is now my full-time job - officially starting on May 7th, 2010 - which also happens to be the last day of my current full-time job in Marketing.

I have to thank several people for even allowing me to get to this point:

First God, because He put this love in my heart. He continues to lead me on this journey. Each day is a gift, and I am thankful for each I count behind me. I pray for many more.

  • My Grandma, who four years ago gave me the small loan I needed to buy my Digital Rebel Xti and a few lenses. Some backdrop equipment and a continuous light. She believed in me before I did myself - she always has.  My cameras and lenses have changed a bit since then, but she gave me my start.
  • My husband, who has stayed with me through this journey through and through. The many hours editing, researching, reading books - he's always done nothing but encourage me and remind me that I have a talent to foster. Thank you babe for being the reason I continue to dream.
  • My kiddos, who at first were my adorable models. They didn't like the camera after awhile. They inspire me, always.
  • My dearest friend, Vincy - who still keeps me afloat through the many years of our friendship. She continues to remind me of the talents God gives for us to use.
  • Inspirations like Joni, Mary and Kim - other photographers that invested their time in helping me grow and succeed. Love you girls like sisters.
  • Friends and family that listened to my stories and interest in photography - and were sure to lend their support and belief in me. Including my current boss who had to hear of every upcoming event and wedding.
  • My sister. Even though you are gone Jess - you are the reason I truly wanted to push myself to do what I loved. You taught me life is short. Take the leaps when we are scared. Take chances when we are uncertain. You helped me realize the importance of the journey is well above the destination.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be finally making this leap. For awhile I struggled with the thought of inconsistent pay.... That my current job keeps my wallet atleast full enough. So, rather than wallet I am choosing to let my heart always remain consistently full. It's not a sound choice to some in an economy such as ours - but it's the one that my heart and soul tells me to make. And in the end, money won't matter - but living a blessed and full life... that absolutely will.