Sunday, October 31, 2010

{VanBruaene Family Session}

The VanBruaene family lives on a lake... a beautiful lake. We met for their family session at their home and even though it was a little chilly when we first got started outside, the sun came out and it warmed right up. The kiddos were adorable, such blonde hair, blue eyed little wonders. :) They were a little shy at first but got used to me pretty quick. I think some of my favorite shots are of the entire family playing in the leaves - but even more than that I really like the ones of Brent and Maranda on their beautiful back porch. Thanks guys for such a wonderful fall morning. Hope you enjoyed the session. Beautiful family!

Friday, October 29, 2010

{Kurzhal Family Session}

This family was AWESOME. They were soooo cooperative and up for anything! We started our session at Amish Acres and then headed to downtown Nappanee. I admit, there may have been some bribery involved for ice cream or what not after the session but the kids did SOOO well! Loved the interactions between the siblings. I think though that some of my personal favorites are of the family laying in front of the barn all tumbling off one another.. I love those kinds of shots that show the fun between family members and true life. Creating a pile up on mom and dad? That's the real deal right there. Good family memories.

Thanks guys for such a fun afternoon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Baby Garrett} 3 month Session

I love these nakey baby angel sessions. Really - is there anything cuter in this world than a baby sleeping peacefully on a big soft comfy blankey with a nakey butt and angel wings? I'm not sure there is. 

Garrett was such a sweet baby boy. Pretty content for a 3 month old baby. Some of my favorites though outside of the angel wings are of him and his momma cuddling. Precious. At one point I got to hold him for his mom and baby talk to him - which I always enjoy. I think that holding a baby -  no matter how bad any day is - automatically makes it better. Someone needs to create a bumper sticker that says, "Having a bad day? Hold a baby."