Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Chrysalis} Even at your yearly, yes.

Most often things in my life come to me in odd unexpected doses. Sometimes when something brings a smile to my face, it's usually not something I predicted. 8 years ago I was pregnant with my daughter, photography was not a hobby necessarily but I sure was interested! I was always "the girl with the camera" for every family function. Always forcing everyone to get together to smile, because you see, documentation is important to me. The ones that we love? They are the ones that witness our journeys. And because I love them, I photograph them. Or make them smile for me. :)

I saw a picture like this eight years ago of a little boy kissing his momma's belly and I fell in love with it. I vowed to learn to be better at photography b/c I knew I could take a picture and then edit it {hello, savvy graphic designer skills which WAS my job then}. And so, this was technically - outside of my photography classes in college and shooting my sister Jess - the first photograph I attempted to take with artistic purpose since college really. And this is probably the photograph that - outside of Jess- started my love for photography. 8 years later... here I am today, kinda embarrassed by the harsh shadow from flash up against the wall - but none the less. That photo is precious to me. It's an earmark - a point in my journey that led me farther than I would have imagined... spiritually and emotionally.

So back to where we started, that yearly visit. Yes. You women know all about it. Dread it. I even painted my toenails lastnight. AS if they really spend any time looking at your toes. I told her that I didn't think I could do her job.. like ever. She laughed and replied that she couldn't photograph weddings. Fair enough. Still - I like my view a whoooooooole lot better looking out of a camera vs .... just sayin'.

So - backtrack a bit -  as I'm standing there waiting for the doc to come in - you know, photographing my feet and my pretty gown to send to Adrian b/c he gets a kick out of my random iPhone pictures - I look through all of the photos sent in from moms who've had their babies through Kristin Vincent - midwife at Memorial {IF you are planning or just pregnant, she is the BEST, use her. I promise you it'll be a totally different experience, much better, than you had ever imagined!!} Kristin delivered Adrienna. I wish I had her for Brendon but I didn't, regardless. She's a friend, amazing CNM and woman in general. I had forgotten until I looked up towards the right of the corkboard that once upon a time, I too had sent in a picture for Kristin. It's still hanging up, hadn't noticed it before.

Now I know these pix I took today of the picture are small b/c they were taken on my iphone, but isn't it funny the roads that lead us back to the one we were always on. That is my picture. My belly. My bubba Brendon. He was 4. It's a special photo for me. And I keep it close at home in a frame to remember a start, and how many of us moms out there pick up photography b/c we love our own kids so much...

So yes, even on your yearly - in a small doctor's office - you can sometimes find an unexpected reason to smile, feel blessed, remember and be joyful all at once.