Monday, October 18, 2010

{Peyton's Senior Pictures}

Peyton is a naturally beautiful girl. She showed up to her session dressed great with minimal make-up and immediately I recognized that she looked like a celebrity. (Everyone looks like SOME celebrity to me, it just takes me awhile to figure it out sometimes... but almost towards the end of her session, I did figure it out.) Peyton looks like Julia Styles in a big way. VERY similar expressions when she smiles. I really enjoyed the session but was beyond stoked towards the end when I saw the amazing barn we were able to shoot in with all kinds of scrap vintage surroundings. Including but not limited to... remaining summer watermelons that the barn owner was saving for her chickens. I think some of my favorites though were the very last photos I took of her near an old shed that had some GREAT textures and old doors.

Thanks Peyton for such a unique and enjoyable session. You are a bright young lady with a fantastic future ahead of you, I am certain.