Monday, October 11, 2010

{Trent & Nicole E-Session}

I so love what I do. I get to meet vibrant, amazing people - observe their genuine interactions and capture it all and then make something already beautiful even more amazing. The camera is really another paintbrush - different medium, but same visualization. A dream - coming true right in front of you simply watching two people who are deeply in love. It's just so cool.

Trent and Nicole are so cool too. This couple was up for anything really and just so happy-go-lucky. LOTS of laughter between them. Love that. It was chilly out but you wouldn't have known it with the heat going on between them! Adorable.

I am so excited for their 2011 vineyard wedding. I loved immediately that they were not looking for traditional - all the way down to the suits. There's something to be said for standing apart from the crowd and being yourself... Thanks guys for an immensely fun time in New Buffalo. You guys are rockstars.