Thursday, October 7, 2010

{Jaci & Chris - Engagement Session}

This is truly a sweet couple. And I love that they wanted to incorporate their little Boston, Harvey, into the photo shoot. I love when people bring the things they love to a session with me! Why? Because when something you love surrounds you it makes you happy which results in genuine expressions. This is why if I am shooting just Seniors alone I tell them to bring a friend or boyfriend, etc!! I can make you laugh b/c I am silly - but THEY can really bring out your true smiles!!! As Harvey did. Harvey had ME smiling. He was so gosh darn cute.

So we did two locations for this e-session. The Clay Fire Dept. in South Bend and New Buffalo beach. The significance of each you ask? Well, Chris works at the Clay Fire Dept. and Chris and Jaci were engaged on the beach at New Buffalo! Then they enjoyed a wonderful dinner at The Stray Dog - where we also were privy to photograph as well! I love to photograph places of importance and significance b/c they symbolize you. Your life. Your love. Your unions.

Looking forward to their wedding next July!  Here are some of my favorites! Enjoy. :)