Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

  • I am thankful...
  • That when my daughter draws pictures of our family she gives me green eyes and ridiculously long eye lashes.
  • For Pizza Hut on a Thursday night with the three people I love the most.
  • For beautiful families and people that pay me to photograph them and document their journeys. What an honor.
  • For church groups and Bible studies that get me out of the house and into the relativity that beckons from listening to other women share about their lives.
  • For hearing my Grandma call me "Honeybunch" when she answers the phone and knows it's me. How I love her so.
  • For something so simple as cutting my daughter's hair that makes her beam from ear to ear.
  • For hearing my son name off every sports player known to man. He knows his stuff and it makes me proud   b/c I know none of it.
  • For small McDonalds Hot Mocha's with whole milk and whip on the way home from Another Smalltown, USA.
  • For bedtime and my big comfy, warm, soft bed... and a big teddy bear to cuddle with named Adrian.