Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

I recently bought a necklace from an Indiana vendor called: The Vintage Key. You can check out her work on - pretty cool stuff. Anyways, it's made from a type writer key and I'm madly in love with my new find. I also bought a necklace pendant that was pretty vintage and totally reminded me of Art History classes in college. If I had a penny for every cathedral I studied about!! I just love both of these necklaces and am thankful for new things. :)

{Here they are together.}

{Look at that fab clasp?! Xoxo.}

And speaking of xoxo's - I got roses last weekend just b/c with a card that says, "I love you and am thankful for you." I didn't expect to get them let alone them be delivered to the house while I was working.. needless to say, it was a nice surprise. 


  • New jewelry.
  • Husbands that still buy roses after 14 years just because.
  • Sleepytime Mint tea b/c it's sooooo wonderful at 11p. when the house is quiet.
  • A sweet doggie that stays by my side all day long and guards the door like it's his only job.
  • Crisp morning walks to the bus stop each morning with my two kids.
  • The walk back - just me and Rocco planning out our day.
  • Grocery shopping without the chaos, without the rush on a Thursday afternoon.
  • New Mom's groups - new experiences - new lessons - new friends.
  • Grace. You don't realize how important it is until you find yourself in dire need of it.
  • Peace. You don't realize how fundamental it is to your happiness until you lack it.