Thursday, September 2, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

I might be getting to this a tad late, but... it is still Thursday.

I am thankful for:

  • Rainy days and open windows.
  • Porch talk with a new friend over coffee.
  • Amish buttermilk cookies. Sonya you are the best.
  • Clients who surprise you with Starbucks, Panera AND Bath and Body.
  • My job. I get paid to REALLY do what I love. 
  • Wow, I am so happy - thankful I'm happy. Yes. 
  • Good music. New music. Happy music.
  • Mountain biking with Adrian.
  • It is still raining... :)
  • My car - everyone else in the world may hate it, but I still love it.
  • Orange Fine-Point Sharpies.
  • My smart daughter who corrects my grammar.
  • My son who finally decided to get his hair cut.
  • My husband who continues to amaze me.
  • Dinner with Grandma - sweetest soul I will ever, ever know.