Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Yesterday was 9/11}

I stayed up last night till 2a watching 911 documentaries on the History Channel. Still so mind-blowing to me what our country & so many families went through. I still cry thinking about the fact that many jumped b/c it was the other only option - can't imagine the horror of having to choose a quicker death out of hopelessness. Knowing that there are really only two options: Die by fire or die by jumping. I can't imagine the horror they faced in those final moments. God bless the firefighters that ran in, ultimately giving their lives in attempt to save others. God bless the families who will always have a hole in their hearts for the loved ones they lost that day. 

My husband was on duty yesterday and he snapped this photo during the 911 Ceremony they held. He helped hoist the flag on his rig and I know as a firefighter he must think about what those men went through. He told me that he "thinks often that many forget that 911 happened". We do become complacent and occupied with our lives. Unintentionally - except for on this date, we forget how brilliant blue skies became marred with smoke and debris ... and most tragically .... lives.

9/11 reminds me that the world is not as safe as I think. That unexpected tragedies can happen in the blink of an eye and loved ones can be lost without a hug, without a goodbye. It reminds me to tell my family that I love them and spiritually to be aware that any day could be my last. It reminds me that there are good men and women who risk their lives every day in small ways and big ways to save the lives of others. It reminds me that my husband serves in such a profession, and that being proud of him, thankful for him is a small way I can give him courage and motivation to do what he does. 

May we not forget or ever become callous to such a life-changing, history-changing disaster. Terrorism may be something now we are all more aware of, tragically... but I don't believe that it will ever be dead. Not in our lifetime. So much is unknown, unpredicted and unplanned. May we live each day as if it were our last, love our families and live our lives in a way that exemplifies Him.