Monday, February 28, 2011

{Baby Gehren}

What a cutie chunka monka!
It's a pretty neat thing to see a little life come into this world and then to watch it grow. Gehren was long awaited and is much loved. :) It's so neat to see the resemblance Gehren has to his siblings, his mom and dad. He is such a sweet, happy bub. Here are my favorites from his six month session!

{35 things I am still learning}

35 things I am still learning...

  1. Life is a fast moving train. It's amazing how quickly tomorrow becomes yesterday. And yesterday becomes ten years ago.
  2. The people that love you most in life are the same ones to risk the offense of setting you straight. These are the keepers.
  3. Kids really do grow up in the blink of an eye. Dust off your photo albums... you'll see.
  4. Kids don't have to grow up in a perfect home. But they need stability, sound example, apologies for the occasional lack thereof and most of all... unconditional love.
  5. Reveling in a good cup of coffee, a simple prayer and contemplative music is a good daily ritual.
  6. A dog can be the most loyal friend you will ever have. They never grow tired of you either. 
  7. People that try to discourage you are really only envious of your drive and ambition.
  8. Love is an amazing force. Euphoria is the wild flame that fades, but slow burning embers the heat that sustains. 
  9. Words can be just as devastating as the actions that preceeded or follow them.
  10. Thinking of people who have really ticked you off in life while you are running will easily push you right through that last mile.
  11. Use anger to propel you when you need it as a driving force for success, but don't carry it like the weight that it is.
  12. God is in the biggest of things, the sky to the expanse of the smallest minutia, a grain of sand. 
  13. You cannot fix another person's addictions. You can't take responsibility for them either.
  14. Food.. it's one of the greatest simple pleasures in life. Vacation, another. 
  15. Live in today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today is only one you have control over.
  16. Attitude can turn your entire world upside down or right-side up. It's one of the biggest determining forces we have. It's one of the only determining forces we have.
  17. Give people the same grace that you have been given. Especially when they don't deserve it. That is when they need it the most.
  18. Realize that the most judgmental opinions come from people who've messed up the worst. It's their way of mentally elevating themselves out of their own faults.
  19. Don't judge someone else by what you see. Your vision is only external. Man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. {I Sam. 16:7}
  20. Confidence really is an admirable trait. But be careful not to blur the line into cockiness. Narcissism, like ego, is best when kept in healthy check.
  21. Verbally express love to the people that matter to you. As life is uncertain and goodbyes unplanned - knowing they knew you loved them can sustain you when they are gone.
  22. Count your blessings. On your lowest day, count them twice as much.
  23. Laugh. Often and outloud.
  24. You can't airbrush wrinkles and gray hair in real life. So parallel them with wisdom you've gained.
  25. Don't allow society to define beauty for you. Find it internally.
  26. Money is pretty gosh darn nice, but it isn't a cure for the individual voids we all have.
  27. Find your vocation in doing what you love by knowing you could do it for free.
  28. Realize that there is always someone more talented, more beautiful, more successful, more creative, more everything. There is also always someone less. Trying to be all you can be regardless of who is in front of or behind you is key. Forget where you are in line. Focus on moving forward.
  29. Don't believe everything you see on the news. Read more and watch tv less. 
  30. Sometimes all you need is a drive through the country with the windows rolled down and your music loud.
  31. Propelling yourself to succeed is important. But trophies, accolades, titles, plaques and net profits won't be among your final thoughts when your journey is through. Invest your success in your loved ones, rather. As love is the only baggage you can't leave behind. You can leave all the rest. You will leave all the rest no matter how tightly you cling to it.
  32. Everyone fails. Choose to get back up and try again.
  33. Don't blame your parents for who you are today. You may have their DNA, but you make your own imprint.
  34. Find significance and beauty in things that inspire you. Seek them out intentionally. 
  35. Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011


{As with all video vlogs - please scroll down to the bottom to turn off my awesome music. Thanks!}

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Jeff & Melissa}

This was like the sweetest couple ever. Not only were they fun and playful but they were just so awesome to work with! Jeff brought roses to give Melissa. We met at the Chocolate Cafe so they had some great hot drinks first and then we headed out for some shots downtown. They were super cooperative and great to chat with. And then when we were done they handed me one of the roses to keep. Seriously, I have the best job ever and meet the coolest, most wonderful people ever. :) Thanks guys for such a wonderful session. It was so great to meet you both!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Mounted or unmounted various sizes. 8x10 and sizes under are printed in Lustre Coating. Sizes larger than 8x10 are mounted and printed in Linen texture. 

Gallery wrapped and mounted - ready to hang canvas.

Various albums. 

Wedding images disc case. 

Wedding album example/20 sides.

Wedding album example/20 sides.

Wedding album example/20 sides/classic design.

Wedding album example/40 sides/Fairy Tale design.

Wedding album example/40 sides/Fairy Tale design.

Wedding album example/40 sides/Fairy Tale design.

Wedding album example/40 sides/Fairy Tale design.

Parent album example/20 sides/5x7.

Parent album example/20 sides/5x7.

Disc with print release.

Baby Panels - custom framed and mounted. 16x16.

8 panel-Senior Portfolios.

8 panel-Senior Portfolios.

8 panel-Senior Portfolios.

8 panel-Senior Portfolios.
I also offer a variety of card and invite designs. You may view those here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

{Random Josephiney Facts}

  • Burt's Bees is in so many locations between desk and car, not sure of the exact count.
  • I am a huge addict of coffee. Every day, first thing. Clockwork. 
  • I painfully love music.
  • I am scared of bridges and unbuckle almost every time while I am formulating a plan of how to get to my kids if the bridge collapses. Ikr.
  • I hate spiders. I apologize before I kill them. And then I fear their family coming after me later.
  • I love heels, but I prefer Chuck Taylors.
  • I take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a lot.
  • I hate dusting and sorting socks. 
  • I use Gain detergent. It's the best.
  • I have an odd fascination for Egypt.
  • I am crazy about Mediterranean food.
  • The first real intentional photograph I took was in college for a photography class. I photographed my sister.
  • I didn't like that class. It was before digital and I got stuck in the dark room with stinky class creepo. Ruined the entire semester.
  • I love spearmint. 
  • I love mint in my sweet tea.
  • I love the sun. One of the most relaxing things on earth is laying in it.
  • I adore heat. I am cold pretty much September through May. 
  • I admire confidence. Cockiness not so much.
  • I don't get many things right the first time.
  • But I am really determined and eventually, I do get it right.
  • I am an oldest child. The responsibility factor of that never really dissipated. 
  • I am totally a backseat driver.
  • My grandmother has influenced me in so many wonderful ways. She is a dear soul to me.
  • I was born in East Chicago. 
  • I have lived in a LOT of places - mostly northern Indiana.
  • I wanted to be a nun until I was about 12.
  • I was brought up Catholic, then Baptist and now I am Non-denom.
  • I believe in God. 
  • I believe in grace.
  • I believe in Heaven and Hell. I am no judge of who's going where.
  • I find inspiration in Scripture, Quotes and Authors.
  • I believe in forgiveness, even though sometimes it is hard to give, I am reminded that I need it myself.
  • I don't like judgmental attitudes. I do have opinions of my own. However, they are mine.
  • I'm not stuck on denominations. All man-made religions are just that. I follow Him.
  • I am more into spirituality than religion. But I believe religion has a purpose.
  • One of my favorite memories is of picking my grandma flowers. How happy she was.
  • One of my worst memories was getting bit by a great dane at the age of 5. 20-some stitches later on my face... they gave me a dum dum sucker after stitches at the hospital. And even then, wth.
  • I have a full blooded brother who lives in Alaska. My mother lives there also.
  • I have a dad and step-mom who live locally with their two children, my half-siblings.
  • My little sis was 28 when she died in a car accident. I think of Jess every day.
  • Jessy has a daughter out of state... my niece looks identical to her momma when she was a little girl.
  • I don't watch tv, rarely - but sometimes I watch documentaries and movies. Love history.
  • I would rather read fact than fiction. I love learning. I feel like fiction wastes my time - but I admit I did get sucked into the Twilight series. And I enjoyed my time reading, a little too much rather.
  • I have a special thing for butterflies. Monarchs.
  • I love antiques and anything vintage or nostalgic.
  • I used the play the piano as a kid. I still find the sound of piano soothing and am drawn to it.
  • I love to draw. My major in college was Fine Art.
  • One of my most awkward moments in life was my first Life Drawing class - aka, nude drawing class. But I found as I drew that I thought more and more of getting it right than the fact that my subject was nude. It made me appreciate the human body as art. 
  • I love the color lavender best.
  • I love spicy, woodsy perfume scents best. I can't do florals AT ALL.
  • Peonies, lilacs, Ranunculus, Lily of the Valley, Grape Hyacinth, Hyacinths, Forget me not, purple Iris and Daffodils are among my favorite flowers.
  • I camped a lot as a kid. I can spot sassafras and probably make you some tea if you'd like.
  • I have wonderful memories of hunting for mushrooms in the woods as a kid.. like morel and sheephead.
  • My favorite movies are Sound of Music and the Ten Commandments. Both wonderful classics.
  • I get told that I look like Cameron Diaz from time to time.
  • I am tall. 5' 9" and 3/4 ... don't forget the 3/4. I love being tall.
  • I itch my throat in an odd way and it drives my kids nuts. They totally mock me.
  • My kids are my greatest accomplishment. 
  • Someday I hope to travel to Egypt to photograph. But I also want to see Europe.
  • I prefer Mac computers. I have a bit of detest for PCs. 
  • My favorite candy bars are Zero and Milky Way Dark.
  • I have a TOTAL sweet tooth. I crave sugar over salt any day.
  • I am crazy crazy about baked goods. And... unfortunately, I love to bake.
  • I think I am a good cook, overall. 
  • I see silly things like 11:11 all the time and joke about being a "star-child".
  • 2012 intrigued me. I could watch documentaries about that kinda stuff  and aliens all day and then be freaked out all night.
  • I love donuts and coffee on Sunday morning. 
  • I live in a small town. I love it. I want to live here forever.
  • I have a fondness for old, forlorn barns. I want to photograph them and put them all into a book for my state.
  • I have always been a Hoosier. 
  • My ethnic background is predominantly German, a little American Indian, a little Welsh.
  • I have green eyes.
  • I have two tattoos. One of an Egyptian ankh on my back. It means 'life'. I have another in honor of my sister Jessica on my left hip. It's a monarch butterfly and under it says, "Jessy". 
  • I love my nose ring. 
  • I have 20/20. But sometimes I rock fashion glasses b/c I can.
  • I am All-American in my LOVE for Philly cheesesteaks and Chicago dogs.
  • I own two boxers and a persian kitty. I love them and photograph them ridiculous amounts.
  • I love to run. Music CRANKED.
  • I think every Friday night should mandatorily be Pizza night. 
  • I am named after my Grandmother. Joanne Eleanore. I never met her. But I guess I favor her.
  • I took Spanish and French in college. I don't practice either well enough to be fluent. Most of what I can say in Spanish is naughty.
  • I like the smell of sandalwood. Eucalyptus. Mint fields. Fresh cut grass. Banana bread baking. A fireplace. Suntan lotion.
  • I started photographing consistently 9 years ago. My first camera was a Canon Xti.
  • I like to sing. Just not.. necessarily on command. :) 
  • I love to look at people's photo albums.
  • I still love to rollerskate.
  • Love to hike and camp.
  • Love playing UNO and skip bo.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a good campfire.
  • Love traditions.
  • I medicinally clean my ears every day. It's probably more of a coping mechanism for stress than a method of cleaning my ears. Some people go for a cigarette? I go for a Q-tip.
  • I am a little OCD about locks and such. I lock everything 3x and then some.
  • My favorite season is Fall. 
  • Josephiney is a nickname and has nothing to do with my real name. 
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve. Emotive. Which means I feel everything. 
  • I have a knack for finding beauty in odd places.
  • I love the way light moves across a room, quietly throughout the day.
  • I love humidity in the summer. 
  • Thunderstorms make me smile. Love watching the clouds. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Jen and I met downtown for a mini-session. :) She braved the cold and did fabulously well. Here are a few of my favorites from her session. Afterwards we headed into Chocolate Cafe to warm up with LaSalles! What is there not to love about this job again? :) Thanks Jen for a great mini-session and for braving the cold, an accosting pan-handler on the street and snow for me. :) You did fantastic!