Friday, February 11, 2011

{Chris & Brittany}

Chris is a Sergeant in the Marines. He and Brittany actually became Mr. & Mrs. before Chris left for Afghanistan. But this July they will have a wedding ceremony to celebrate with their friends and family. There's just something special about love that lasts between the miles. It's obvious that Chris adores Brittany. They are so incredibly sweet together. And you can tell that their moments are truly precious when they are around one another... many times as I was shooing I felt like I wasn't even there b/c they were so in tune to one another. Love like that is incredibly beautiful to observe from my end. Always honored to photograph couples at times in their life that represent something so special as committing two lives together. Even more of an honor to photograph someone that serves our country... but also to photograph the very thing that makes his heart beat. :) Thanks guys for such a wonderful session. Can't wait for your wedding. 

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