Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{Packages & Pricing}

Packages/Pricing Details
One of the hardest things I do as a photographer honestly is determining pricing. Photographers often undercut themselves for the hours of work they do behind the scenes. One of my goals this year going into another year of full-time photography was to cut back some of the many hours that I spend editing and find more time for skill developing, marketing, etc... but most importantly - time for family. In the past my sessions were twice as long with twice as much editing. Don't get me wrong, if you want me to shoot that long I will make arrangements for you! However, after doing this for so many years I really feel like I can effectively shoot in less time and give out just as great of photos. So... that's what I'm gonna do. Y'all know I'll still give you a few extra photos in your package. :)

You may have noticed already that at the start of this year all of my packages became priced in one amount. Simplified. 

So basically - if you want just photos of your kids all you have to do is look up "Children" and that's the total cost. You put a small deposit down on the date of your session, it gets deducted from that package amount. Package remainder then is due when your photos are done! Everything is in there, no hidden fees or taxes. Shown on my pricing page are two pricing options - one if I come to you and the other, a discounted option of $30 marked w/ an asterisk if you come to me, my studio

This change has been reflective in my pricing as you'll see if you click on the link below. I've worked really hard to make my pricing very reasonable and yet still give my clients a good amount of photos and variety, while giving me some time away from my computer. :) I may be a vintage girl but I still live in a digital world - my packages are always digital. I love being able to give my clients all of their photos from their session. They are all important to you and I want you to have them forever!

Even though my packages have changed, nothing about my style is changing - I continue to offer photos that are nostalgic-vintage-dreamy in style... Josephiney-ish.

Yes, I have my own set of descriptive vocabulary. :)