Monday, February 7, 2011

{Studio de Josephine}

My Studio/Location
Something I've changed and am really excited about is that I've added an option for you to come to me! If you do, you can save $30 off your package price. Not that I mind traveling or want to limit you to specific locations... but if you want to come to me and save some money, all the better! My studio is a bit nostalgic kinda like me - and since I use ambient light - I may schedule you for certain times of the day that I know work best. The areas I have locally to offer you include open field, rustic barn country, train station complete with a stationary train to pose on and urban downtown themes. All are minutes from my studio. I am about 20-25 minutes from South Bend/Elkhart areas. My indoor studio is especially great for babies and can do everything except families of over 3 people. If you have over 3, we photograph outside - I really prefer to shoot families outdoors anyways as I think backdrop work is best suited for kids, babies or portfolio shots for modeling, business and graduation.

Now you may be saying, this is not your traditional studio... you're right! I don't use a lot of flash. I use mostly ambient light. And this room has LOTS of it. When I come to you I will do the same thing, I'll set up near a window in your home and you'll be thinking.. "this is what she does??" Yep! That's what I do and it's how I take all of my studio/backdrop photos. So whether I come to you or you come here to me, your photos will mainly be shot with ambient light.

SO.. if you want a new location to be photographed in, or one maybe new to you, you don't feel like company or you are already local and saving $30 sounds like a good plan, then schedule a studio session and come on over!

Studio de Josephine. The lighting in this room is awesome! Love my porch studio. This end shows a spot for clients to relax. 

This is the end I shoot on most often. Under my couch is my backdrop stand set up - which is the same thing I take on location if I am using it. Also... I love my vintage couch. :)  
Newborn nest. This is a GREAT tool for photographing babies!!

One can never have too many newborn & baby props.

Or blankies, scales, headbands and such. :) Storage cupboard for simple props.

I can't wait to bring these two items outside this spring.

Different sizes and finishes to the photos are on display.  

Wedding albums. 

I mainly offer digital packages which means you always get all of your photos on disc to reprint!