Friday, February 11, 2011

{Fort Wayne Weekend}

Here are some photos from our trip to Fort Wayne during Christmas Break. :) Our whole purpose for going was b/c they had a Firefighter's Museum... and a Coney Island. If you don't know my family... we are sorta fanatic about hotdogs. :) We do after all own a VHS copy of PBS "A Hot Dog Show".

Hotdogs cookin' up! These were not all beef hotdogs, to my disappointment - but the place was PACKED - we had a 20 minute wait atleast. Always a good sign of a good hotdog.

And they were pretty darn good. :)

Just like this shot. Sorta retro.

Coney sauce, onions and mustard in mass production.

That's my handsome guy driving us back to the hotel.

She says calapitter instead of caterpillar. These are the kinds of things I want to remember.

Getting ready to swim! What a bunch of cute kids I've got!

He is already getting so handsome. :)

And she is gonna be a heart breaker no doubt for too many reasons... included but not limited to serious dimples.

I think I could've spent an entire day in this hot tub. 

At the Science Museum. Of course.. I had to photograph it... and .. think of Jess.

This man makes me laugh so hard. Sometimes... I wish I had more of his humor myself. He was really getting into the weather man thing at the museum... like to the point of spectators watching. 

All eyes on me, all eyes on me!

Ahhhh, the firehouse. :)

Stopping for a pix outside w/ the main firefighter AK before heading in!

Really cool old engines - so many things to look at. I think we probably spent a good hour there.

Look at the thing up against the wall. Don't know the technical name for it, but I'm sorry - I would not be good about jumping off a building and aiming for that red dot. Lol. Ouch.

I love this pix of him.

This side of the firehouse was the original part of the building that was built in *I think* the late 1800s.

This firehouse actually had a horse stable (3) of them to pull the original fire wagons! Pretty cool.

One of the first primitive engines pulled by horses.

I thought this room was cool. It was a tower where they would dry the hoses after fires. Pretty cool.