Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Mr. & Mrs. Cook - Part 1}

Two years ago I photographed their wedding. Jeremy and Melissa are the sweetest couple! I was honored to photograph them again and had an absolute blast trudging through the snow with them and their doggies!! They picked a gorgeous park for half of the session in which they brought some hot cocoa and even brought a mug for the photographer!!! We even brought out the vintage couch, I'm so glad we did!! I really like those shots a lot! Seriously, hot cocoa and vintage couches in the snow?? I love my job! After the park we shot some in Downtown Elkhart as well. I should mention lastly that Jeremy surprised Melissa with a gift certificate - which for all you fellows out there that want to make your sweetheart happy?? ... This is an EXCELLENT way to do that!!  

There are more photos of course - but I wanted to get these up on the blog for now! :)