Friday, March 30, 2012

{Bryson & Brody | Children's Session}

It's neat watching these two grow! I have photographed them both for quite some time now and they are both SOOOOO cute! Bryson is two so we spent more of the session on him, but Brody his older brother was quite comical and happy to join in for some of the pix. Even got mom in a few. Jody is sooooo pretty! She's an amazing mom to her two boys. Thank you Jody for booking again! It's always great to see you guys. :) And for being TWO this little guy didn't do so bad at all! That's a tough age to photograph, but what a sweet little boy he is. :)

{Jamie & Wendy | Couples Session}

Fantastic couple. Wendy totally looks like Gretchen Wilson and she's super sweet. Jamie is super cool and they are just a great couple together! The weather was perfect and we had a great time just walking around Bonneyville Mill - even got Jamie to rub Wendy's feet a bit by the falls - how romantic! Haha. Too cute, these two! My daughter accompanied us and they were so great with her! They were quick to point out fish in the stream that she could see. :) Thanks guys for booking a couple's session. I hope you enjoyed it! 

{Jose & Virginia | Couple's Session}

Such a sweet couple! I enjoyed photographing Jose and Virginia. They wanted to use their couple's session as somewhat of an Engagement session - they were so cooperative with all of my ideas and they even brought some of their own. :) Thanks guys for just being willing to have fun - even if it included getting a little messy sitting in leaves. :) Anyone else think Virginia kinda looks like Selena Gomez?! Beautiful! Thanks guys for booking with me!