Friday, March 16, 2012

{Josephiney 2K Fan Giveaway!!! | The Winners}

What an awesome day, to say that 2,000 people follow my work and have supported me along this journey!!! I have enjoyed every minute - even the stressful ones! 

9 years ago I was pregnant with my daughter and wanted a certain picture taken of a little boy kissing his momma's belly, but I didn't want to hire someone. I took photography classes in college - so I sorta knew how to shoot, but my stronger skills were on the digital end because I was a graphic designer for many years. So I knew how to manipulate photos well, I just didn't know how to take them super well. :) And.. well, I was stubborn. And that stubbornness led to obsession with learning this craft. So the long road began and photography took over my life until alas, is became my full-time occupation and one of the most fulfilling loves of my life. Here is that sweet photo of my son kissing my belly that I keep to remind myself of the day I started shooting with intent.

I won't lie in saying, I like many others, was petrified at the thought of leaving a full-time, stable job in corporate America that paid me the same amount every week. That was SAFE. I would DREAM at my 9-5 desk about doing only photography full time ... on MY schedule... but, I never actually thought I'd take the leap. Years passed. I kept working in marketing and taking jobs on the side mostly to build a portfolio and just keep learning and improving. One thing led to another and what I didn't know is that each year I was practicing this love as a hobby, it was preparing me to do this full-time. On my desk was a gianormous {yes I made that word up} mug that said LIVE YOUR DREAMS. I used to stare at it and imagine.. that someday I would maybe live this dream. MY dream. But each year I'd put off "someday" for fear I'd fall flat on my face. You know what?? We are the source of our own irrationalities and biggest fears! But then my life instantly changed in October of 2008 when my younger sister, Jessica, was killed in a car accident - I realized every day we have is a gift. Life is SO short. And if I don't live my dreams now.. who's gonna do it for me? Thank you sweet Jessy, my butterfly girl, for being my continual inspiration to push harder and to just DO this. You were the first "model" I photographed in college with that old Pentax camera. You were so beautiful. I hope I make you proud in heaven - even in this small way. I love and miss you sis. 

SO here I am today... !!! and I can't say how thankful I am to everyone that leaves such SWEET and AWESOMETASTIC {yes, another non-official word} comments. You guys always make my day, so thank you for your love and support. I have a long way to go yet! And I know a journey is never enjoyable when it's alone. YOU are the reason this journey is AMAZING. So thank you for accompanying me!! My clients and my fans are my friends. I appreciate EACH of you! 


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