Monday, March 26, 2012

{Vincencia | Classy Girl Session}

Every woman should at one point in her life... have a photo session. Just for herself. No kids. No hubby. Just her. As women we put ourselves last so often in order to keep everyone else afloat. 

I have offered {Classy Boudoir} in the past and am now offering {Classy Girl} Sessions. The modeling portfolio that every woman wants and dreams of... and most of all, deserves.
I am hoping to do more sessions like this in the future - in order to make women feel beautiful - inside and out... artistically and wonderfully captured. These sessions are priced at $325 for 1.5 hours of photography on location or in studio and 40 artistically, touched-up, hi-res photographs on disc. You may also add having your make-up professionally done along prints of your favorite images for only $100 more. 

In the photos below is the lovely Vincencia. Also my very dearest friend. Upon first glance Vincy's beauty is intimidating. You are left awe-struck. Look at all that gorgeous red hair! Beyond this external fiery radiance that she is... her heart is so beautifully faceted that it tops all of the physical beauty God gave her. I know her pretty well. I know her heart - just as best friends do, with all the ups and downs... just as she knows mine. Fire is such a good analogy for her - because everything she does she does with a fire in her heart, one that thoroughly consumes. So thankful for this Vinchka. And I'm thankful that through this session, she feels refreshed, {mother of 5, need I say more} and beautiful. 

Every woman should. :) But of course, as hard as Vincy works - she deserves it. Love you sweet friend. And I had the BEST day with you shooting!

If you are interested in booking a session like this, I am booking about two months out - but I LOVE making a woman feel gorgeous and refreshed!