Friday, March 2, 2012

{Briana | Senior Pix} Wakarusa, Nappanee

I really enjoyed meeting Briana. She's SUCH a sweet girl. She was up for pretty much anything, but she did request some railroad track pix. So we spent a little time in Nappanee. It was pretty cold, the sun shining sure did help... but she braved the cold and totally rocked her session. Can't even tell it was cold in her pix! Briana is naturally very pretty and she had some really fun outfits. I think for me the most touching part of the session was that her mom, Buffy kept finding herself in tears. Briana is her baby girl - I can't imagine how I will handle when my kiddos need Senior Pix. If I will photograph them or watch someone else, how I will handle my own emotions! Watching our babies grow up is such a beautiful privilege. Buffy is a wonderful mom. Thank you Briana for choosing me to take your pix! I enjoyed meeting you and your mom and I look forward to seeing you again!!