Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Brandon & Shalmai | Couple's Mini Session}

I really enjoyed meeting this couple. Shalmai is a photographer - her work is amazing! She's a very talented lady. I was honored to photograph her. I think what I loved most about these two is I heard them saying something I hear a lot of parents say... we never get time to do things for ourselves like this! How many of us take a little bit of time to head over to a junkyard to laugh with our spouses, giggle, flirt and do some kissing? But we need to. I could see that they were having a good time, their laughter was genuine along with their affection. Beautiful. I love seeing a couple that's been married a bit take time for something as important as this. :) Shalmai, you are so beyond gorgeous! And you already know I love your uniquely beautiful name! It was WONDERFUL to 
meet you and Brandon. Thank you for booking.