Friday, March 2, 2012

{FOTOFRIDAY |366.62}

How can I resist taking a picture of my sweet doggie Lily with a bunny rabbit? Lol. Seriously. I can't help it. Lily is white and pink and so is the bunny rabbit - which has become her new best friend btw.

This will be the last FOTOFRIDAY for awhile! We had 6 weeks of FOTOFRIDAY. 7 people won a FREEBIE FOTO Session and were able to get updated pix for free! Thank you to ALL of you who participated. I seriously found it very hard each week to pick! Some of you were so good about being consistent and recommending ideas every week, THANK YOU for always suggesting great things even when they didn't get picked, that meant a lot.

The two ladies that win this week - because I am picking TWO winners this final week!! Yay - each suggested something that went kind of hand in hand. AND .. both of these awesome ladies have been very consistent in suggesting each week, week after week. They never gave up! So thank you to Courtney Hyduk and Heathyr Harkless for suggesting ideas I totally fell in love with. Courtney your idea was so adorable, and Heathyr, your title and explanation was what I felt when I thought of the idea.

Courtney suggested:
"I love the pictures of your dog! It would be so cute to see a picture with your dog sleeping with a Teddy bear...or stuffed bunny since were close to Easter :) Happy Friday!!"

Heather suggested:
"Reason to Smile"  Take a picture of something that gives us, or you personally a reason to smile...something that puts a little sunshine in your day : )"

While I couldn't get her to sleep - I was happy she cuddled the bunny. And yes, there were some bacon treats involved. Ha! Pretty sure this dog would sell Girl Scout Cookies for bacon treats. Lily is a reason I smile every day. Gosh I love that crazy little white boxer with one blue eye and one brown eye. She literally melts my heart. Each day as I work she comes and puts her head on my lap. Usually with a tennis ball in mouth - basically asking me to throw it. Sometimes she just comes up to me for some lovin. And if she's not playing she's laying by my other boxer, Rocco's side. She's just a really cool dog - she's my own fluffy baby and I can't be more in love with her or this idea. {She even got a bath this morning so she'd be extra fluffy to match bunny.} Lol.

Here are some other fun photos from the idea. But the top one is my photo of the day and the photo picked for FOTOFRIDAY!