Sunday, March 31, 2013


Today I heard a message on light.

I quietly thought about how important faith + light are to me. How personally significant those two words are.

I love this verse. And I took a series of photos in the dark awhile back for a project... but I liked incorporating the verse into this specific photo.

Darkness doesn't understand light. Below is the verse from John 1:5 NLT

Friday, March 22, 2013

{WPPI | Las Vegas 2013}

I have wanted to take this trip... for years.

I finally took it this year.


  • I walked my butt off. Literally, my ghetto booty is gone.
  • There is no time for drinking and gambling in Vegas when you are in 3 2-hour classes per day and 10p Vegas time is 1a your time. I was the lamest Vegas girl EVER. Lol.
  • Vegas sun is way more intense. *sigh* And here I am in Indiana just wishing for a temperature change even closer to 50 degrees in March. :( High of 37 today. Laughable.
  • Vegas sunsets are INCREDIBLE.
  • The 21 vegetable fried rice at Chile Poblano is THE motha. Who knew they had Chinese-Mexican restaurants. That was some incredible food.
  • I would like to thank whoever created that GIANT Wheel of Fortune wheel that I was able to shoot from the sky... that made me smile in a plane, by myself.
  • Traveling alone is an incredible experience. EVERYONE should do it atleast once in their lifetime.
  • My roommates Lisa Haislet and Christi Nelson were a blast. Good ladies. Talented ladies. Beautiful ladies. Thank you for your friendship, both of you.
  • I stink at gambling. Oh.. and I am too frugal for it too. :) Ha.
  • Vegas airport rocks. They have an airplane mobile made out of paper butterflies. 
  • Jeans with mega-bling will only get your backside patted down by TSA at the Vegas airport.
WPPI is a bit overwhelming. This year I believe I heard that there were 15K people there. That's an impressive number. Hearing amazing speakers like Jasmine Star, Sue Bryce, Jerry Ghionis, Susan Stripling and Cliff Mautner... wow. Musically, hearing Mindy Gledhill was ... profound. I am so glad I know who this artist is now... her work is healing to the soul. Not only that but I met an incredible man named Dave Edmonson. He took time to personally share his story with my roomates and myself over coffee, what an incredible time to have that moment to reflect on life itself and hear his touching story. Also met the Gaupers, Holly and Ryan. Great couple - enjoyed getting to know them! They are an incredibly talented duo. Said hi to Kenny Kim. And ... I was able to help the amazing photographer from Rawsii {my roomie, Christi Nelson} on a mentoring session by holding her OCF for her. Such an unforgettable trip... truly.

My favorite part of the trip was winning a Black Rapid RS DR-1 Double Camera Sling Strap! I won this $150 baby for free. :) I still don't know why I got it for free except that the lady working the booth was ULTRA cool and gave it to me! :) Can't wait to use it this summer on my weddings! :) The Expo was an incredible part of WPPI. 

I am super excited to implement the things I have learned into my business this year!! I had a few nights were I was able to walk around and see the strip as well as old Vegas. It was one of my favorite parts of course to the the tourist snapping happily away. Love the architecture and lights of Vegas...

And with that... all I can say is...

Viva Las Vegas Baby!