Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Blueberry Fest}

Every year (*almost) we attend the Blueberry Festival. Adrian was on shift this year so it was just the kids and I. When he is gone I always realize how much I miss him when it's just the kids and I venturing out. I don't take as many pictures or buy as much food - but, I am still glad I went. :) I go for the crafts, the yummy lamp oils and pumpkins - and FOOD of course! The kids go just for the rides. Pretty much that's all they are interested in. However, we did find some great stuff this year. Leather purses in the shape of a turtle and mouse for Enna boo and Football cards for Brendon. We all left happy. And, I got some greek food.

So know these few things if you are going next year...

  • The people running the rides are true gypsies posed as carnies. 
  • The only place you will find blueberries are in shakes, pies, sundaes, donuts and signage. If you are going to buy pints of blueberries - nada. 
  • Blueberry donuts? Oh yeah, stand in line for an eternity - but know that when they have dropped down to selling half-dozens? Yeah, you are on your way outta luck - nada donuts left for you. Get outta the line.
  • If a coy County Brownie tells you to smile on the way in to the festival, he really doesn't care if you are truly delighted with the festival or not. He just saw you walking in man-less w/ two kids.
  • Do not ride any ride titled by a false name that really stands for Gravitron. Those spaceship rides? I don't care what they call them. They're all really named: "Ride me and you will puke." (I told Brendon he'd get sick!) He handled it like a champ tho! One time in the trash can and then it was, "Mom - I feel fine!"
  • When you get to the playground area - look up and admire that old-but-still standing curly slide. It holds my memories of childhood laughter and squeals of delight. 

{Is it really Indian Summer already? I love fall.}

{Starship? Non-conclusive. Puke machine.}

{Yeah, who wants to literally put themselves in a giant spinning top?}

{Yeah, I was the mom yelling from the sidelines "Enna get your MOUTH off the RIDE!"}