Wednesday, October 13, 2010

{Cambelle's 6 month baby session}

Cambelle, aka "smiley girl" is one of the cutest babies!! I love babies and when I photograph them I get to do all that baby talk and silly face stuff that we women do around babies. You know, I get my baby fix. I could not get over how happy this baby girl was! And sooooo animated. Such a dynamic little diva! I kept laughing.. and laughing.. and laughing.. she just really loved the camera. :) I have to thank her Mom and Dad who have been repeat clients now for a few years. Wonderful family and what a privilege it is to watch little ones get bigger. Hard to believe how fast the time goes by from when you saw them last - as if they could get any cuter, but they do. :)

Thank you Miss Cambelle for making me smile looking at these cutie patootie pictures all over again.