Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Vintage Couch Sneak Peak}

With a name like Josephiney how can you not use vintage furniture in your props? Remember this couch? I blogged about it a week or so ago? Yeah, love it. Here are some shots from it's first official usage in being my prop. I am thinking more vintage furniture, more of the time. Maybe I will buy an old clunker truck and drive it around to haul my furniture in. Haha. Now that's sexy.

This family is fantastic - the girls have adorable names that I kept saying wrong but LOVED. Seriously, if I had two more little girls I would use these exact names. Lily & Laisa - not sure if I just botched the spelling on that. Are those not the most beautiful little girl names ever?? They are super cute little sisters.

And a wonderful little surprise was that Grandpa was behind me photographing (which I don't mind one bit!) and also making the kiddos laugh. Little did I know he snapped a few of the photographer working! Kinda cool to see me in action! :)

Excited to work on more from this session. :) Couldn't decide between which editing style I liked best of the couch off to the left, so I'm posting them both! The beauty of digital!