Thursday, August 19, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

Thankful for:
  • Photo sessions for just him... and me. 
  • Chocolate mint brownies that I make sparingly. :)
  • Photo sessions on the beach and Redamaks - how great is this job?!
  • Cubs games and skipped school - a day trip with my family to Chicago today. :)
  • Mornings alone with Adrian in our quiet bungalow.
  • David Gray's new album, Foundling. Especially intrigued by his song "Forgetting". He is incredible.
  • Time with close friends and new babies.
  • Mountain bikes that we just bought & our upcoming excursions with friends.
  • My cameras. So my appendages. I can't imagine life without pictures.
  • Chicago dogs, Giordanos & PF Changs, cuz this girl's bout to have some.