Friday, August 13, 2010

{Amanda's Senior Pix}

I'd have to say that Amanda was the most laid back senior I have photographed yet. She was cool with just about any idea that I had and the session was completely relaxed and fun.

Amanda is a fun girl, she has a lot of activities that she enjoys - she's very into her gym and loves to use kettle bells and her pink boxing gloves. I admire that. I am now thinking that I myself want to own a pair of pink boxing gloves.  I could hardly pick UP the kettle bells as I tried to move them in arrangement for a shot. Conclusion? I do not want kettle bells as I fear I will drop them on my feet.

I liked that from the beginning, Amanda knew what she wanted for photos - yet totally allowed me to be creative in capturing them. We found some new spots that I didn't even know existed which always makes me feel a little like Christmas. Amanda is also an avid swimmer - so we even got the family pool in the mix! Thank you Amanda for being such an awesome sport. I think you are a beautiful girl and I hope you enjoy your photos! :)