Monday, January 18, 2010

{The Star Barn}

While on my trip to PA this past December, I had the privilege of a 10 minute tour of the Star Barn. Look it up! One of our nation's oldest barns!

If you know me, you KNOW I love barns. What is not to love about them? I mean, they are archaic reminders that life has changed from the simple to fast paced chaos. Many of the barns that surround Northern Indiana are falling apart - these are not being rebuilt either and if they are? They are not being rebuilt the same. Hello metal barns lacking character of bygone days.

I often say I'd like to have my own coffee-table book of barn lovelies - and I really mean that. If you grow up in Indiana, barns are part of your drive atleast once a day. I grew up with these old forlorn beauties and I hate to see them go. It's like a parting I'm not fond of. "Oh, another old barn slanting sideways, wonder how long..." Barns - real barns across America are dying. For some unannounced to me reason, I feel the need to preserve them atleast through memory, through photography.