Wednesday, December 28, 2011

{Erica | Rimmel 10 Girls Competition}

This is my gorgeous friend Erica - who has been qualified to compete for one of the ten spots offered by Rimmel for their Rimmel 10 girls - the girls who bring the Rimmel London look to America. {Ok, outside of the fact that this is a HUGE, FANTASTIC deal that she was picked to compete for a spot in the top 10... and such an honor to represent Rimmel, I am honored to have photographed the shots she needed.} Contestants are to show the product, being applied and also modeled. See more about last year's Rimmel picks here:

Erica is one of the most fashionista forward friends I know! She's on top of beauty trends and knows what is hot. She is shown sporting Rimmel's new mascara: Scandaleyes. This product is not even for sale yet and here she is modeling it. :) I truly hope she is one of the top 10! She so deserves to be. Go get 'em girl!