Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{Nicole and Trent | Junkyard Love Session}

One of my favorite sessions I did this year was my Junkyard Love Session. I asked two awesome people {a former bride and groom of mine!} this fall to model for me in a junkyard session. I had been REALLY wanting to photograph a retro couple in a junkyard and these photos are what absolutely makes my heart jump for joy. I LOVE SESSIONS like this and so appreciate Trent and Nicole for patiently waiting on these photos while I worked on client-work first. They have been more than generous to model for me AND then patiently wait on me forever to finish these!! #1 Nicole and Trent look amazing - they totally cooperated in attire and posed for me as asked, Nicole even had her hair done for me! - so they made my job super easy. #2 they agreed to be my "guinea pigs" so to speak. I had never done a junkyard session. I could have spent all day in this square of acres.. It was like the equivalent of letting a 3 year old have run of an entire candy store. I just exploded with a million ideas of what I wanted to do... thank goodness for the rain that eventually stopped us. Ha. Nicole and Trent were quite patient with me. 

Sometimes I think the work that you do for free, for YOU - the work without pressure - or expectation - or turnaround... it can be your very best. I swear, if I didn't have bills to pay... I would just shoot for free. Minus the fact that this job takes time away from my family... I love it so much. There are few downsides to what I do for a living. 

I am so very lucky to have one of the coolest jobs ever.

I really want to do more sessions like this in the future and here's why. I think that the true beauty of romance - in its purest element is magnified when surrounded by its opposite. Love is spotlighted when surrounded by that which is falling apart, corrupting, decaying and aging. I am the optimist to find beauty in the rust - ask me why and I'll tell you it's forlorn - just like an old abandoned barn. There's a certain kind of beauty in solitude like that. That alone can make a picture... but add in two beautiful people who are deeply in love - and voila, perfection. I love the irony and juxtaposition of this entire session.

Many thanks to Nicole and Trent. You guys were simply... wonderful
I so enjoy working with you guys.

And now I'm thinking.. I need to do another giveaway next year for a junkyard session. Maybe another contest... :)