Sunday, December 18, 2011


Sometimes I gotta go away for a week to realize how much I need rest.

Mexico was truly so wonderful. The time away with Adrian was so good for both of us. We totally needed time for just us. I have never been to an all-inclusive resort. I had no idea of how much we would be waited on hand and foot and treated like royalty. It was incredible. I'm not gonna lie, I really miss the humidity of the island we were on. Ok, and the room service at 1a just because. And the sushi - the tempura was The drink of the day... missing that too. Ohhhh Meeeeehico.

Of course... I have a million + 1 pictures. Some really make me smile just remembering...

Those will come later though. Point of the post: I needed a vacation soooooo bad. I work really hard. Sometimes too hard. Going away and having time to just think about life, priorities and what matters really helped me a lot to come back completely refreshed and ready for a new year in a job I love. I am so fortunate in so many ways... today in church standing next to my husband and listening to him sing I realized that I was lucky to have such a wonderful vacation with him, but even luckier to come home to a life with him. He supports me incredibly.

I took time to reflect {while laying in a beach cabana with crashing waves and warm sun streaming in, champagne and strawberries} *stop, hatin' is bad.* about life. My job. My family. Memories with my sister. My wonderful friends. My clients who so often become friends of mine. I thought about how INCREDIBLY granted life has been to me. I don't deserve so many wonderful things. There is so much good to outweigh any bad. Having time to sit and think about all of these things was so medicinal for myself and Adrian as well. This man bought me TWO incredible massages on this trip. Talk about relaxation...

To be able to celebrate 15 years being married to someone who has endured my ups and downs and has been my best friend through it all... I am so very thankful. Thankful for time to reflect and to enjoy the season of life that is now.

Some of my clients are still waiting on photos - and I will be working all week on edits. I am excited to dig back into some editing. Thank you to those of you who have photos coming for allowing me time away. It was much needed and so very wonderful.

Muchas gracias. :)