Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Connors Family}

I have photographed this beautiful family three times now. The first time this little bub below was in his momma's belly. Now he's six months! Can't believe how fast they change and grow. And that little curl on the top of his head is just so ADORABLE!! I always am entertained by his big brother who always seems to have a new collection of dinosaurs each time I show up. I am the "camera lady" - I think that's what he called me this last time. Super cute. I just love kids - especially when they start recognizing me as the camera lady. What really melts my heart though is when a kiddo says that I am his friend. It always makes me happy that I've made friends with a child and he or she feels comfortable around me and even better, that they give me this awesome little smile when they pose for me without me even asking. :) Kids are just so gosh darn entertaining and delightful. 

And I have to say that Tracey - their gorgeous mom - looks a LOT like Neve Campbell which I never realized until I was editing these photos and I've known Tracey for years! We all have our Hollywood Celebrity, and Neve is gorgeous so I'd have to say that Tracey you have an awesome celebrity to look like!!

Thanks guys. :)