Thursday, December 2, 2010

{Thankful Thursday}

  • Christmas Musical programs and seeing my son be excited about wearing a suit... with Chuck Taylor's. 
  • Man Vs. Food. The guy makes me laugh. The show makes me hungry.
  • Friends. The old, the new - all of em. 
  • Church family that doesn't forget you.
  • A husband that really supports me and encourages me with my business.
  • Two kids that tell me I am the best mom in the world, though I know that's not true! I love them for thinking it. 
  • My new butterfly necklace from XX1 in Chicago. In love with it.
  • My Grandma is doing better and recovering well from her surgery.
  • My Siamese kitty, Kichi, who is like the most loving kitty ever. I woke up the other night with her laying right beside me.