Sunday, December 26, 2010

{Fall Randoms}

I am just now getting around to editing some pix from Fall that I had saved from here and there. Total random shots but some that I like. Along with a brief description of why I like the shot.

A quiet room and changing light. Something I've always admired.

Have to say I like the colors. :) And the shell that sits on the table. Bought it 14 years ago this month.

I like to remember things the way they once were. Landscapes before roads came in and buildings went up. It's a pondering thing for me to see a road formed. It symbolizes many things.

I suppose he was mad at me for interrupting his day w/ my Senior Pix Session. 

He chided me from his branch. I was probably standing on the acorn he wanted. Does he not look ticked?!

I LOVE hay bales. Like, really love them. They are so part of Indiana. Part of my childhood memory of what Indiana should be. Barns, hay bales, tractors and cows. 

I am fascinated with skies. Winter cold fronts intrigue me too when they turn the sky dark.

I guess because.. it's Quintessential Americana.  And.. I like it.