Saturday, December 18, 2010

{The Dennis Family}

I drove to this family's home on a snowy day! My car had just spun around on the road so I arrived a bit frazzled. But they were home baking cookies, very low-key and I immediately found myself a bit more relaxed around them. :) Sweet family with a beautifully decorated home for Christmas! So who is not a bit more relaxed around a warm fire and cookies?! We did a variety of poses, a few family shots and some individual shots and of course some precious photos of the newest little addition to their beautiful family! What a sweet little baby boy. He got sleepy towards the end of the session and I think liked being comfy and curled up in the bowl. What I had to crack up about was their cat, "Dude" who totally fell in love with me. :) He even posed for me ON the backdrop. Haha, what a little rockstar cat. His green eyes were awesome!
Thanks guys for a wonderful little afternoon with your family.

Hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos!