Saturday, December 4, 2010

{Baby Bryson} 9 months

This little bub just gets cuter and cuter - he's already so adorable! I love his hair and how it sticks up a little in the middle. He definitely loved his frog toy and by the end of the session even though he was cute as could be in his frog costume, he really wanted nothing to do with it at that point. I can't help but think the ones of him frustrated in his cute suit are a little cute tho anyway!! He was a sad little frog. :)

Some of his expressions were just killing me with cuteness. Always enjoyable to come photograph this little guy who's growing up so fast! Can't wait for his 1-yr session!

Ooooooh, the mailman!!!

He was bending down to see the mailman!! Haha, a limb outside on the tree was obstructing his view.